The Belgian plan stylish, the Boheme Milieu Floor Mirror is an examination in basic polish with its sloped glass, outlined with Poplar and Hardwood Solids completed in Merino Blue. The blue-conditioned record dark spotted rub-however finish is delicate and modern. Connects to divider for steadiness.

Assortment FeaturesInspired by the Belgian plan tasteful, Boheme communicates the tastefulness of straightforwardness and the substance of solace. Melodious and purposeful, Boheme offers an inconspicuous exhibit of three antique dark white gets done with, addressing Belgium’s affinity for everything dim. A nonpartisan palette of dark, blue, white and delicate earthy colored mixes melodiously with a variety of surfaces and shapes to make Bohme. The lovely magnificence of each piece is revealed in Bohme through surface, shading, piece character and creative shapes.




The Denman seat lays on a smoothly planned strong oak outline, and a cross section webbed base. The Denman keeps its exemplary Scandinavian plan new with delicate pads and contemporary colorways. Immortal looks that age well make for a decent home friend. Highlights Solid wood outline High strength froth with polyester filling and duck plumes Woven tie suspension Assembly not needed





Are you in the market for a unique, attractive and functional mid-century modern inspired piece of furniture? Are you an interior designer looking for a modern touch to finish off your client’s room? If so, follow this link to learn more about the Zelo Side Table.

This is an energizing web journal section for me! As you may have found in a portion of my different posts either here or on Instagram, I have a sketchbook with a lot of thoughts. Some are simply fast messy doodles so I remember a thought, while others are portrayals of real pieces I’d prefer to work eventually. A portion of the pieces in my sketchbook are things I essentially think look cool and would be amusing to assemble, while different pieces may address a need I have in my own home. The Zelo Collection Side Table does exactly that.

At the point when I’m at home at night hanging out in the parlor, I’m likely watching old periods of Survivor with my better half, or replaying Friends, Flight of the Conchords or Portlandia. It’s normal to likewise discover me perusing through ongoing issues of Dwell or Atomic Ranch. We have a Petrie Sofa and Chair in our family room and for a very long time we’ve had this old corroded mid-century magazine rack somewhere near it’s side. That magazine rack had experienced more promising times, and notwithstanding it’s exhausted appearance it didn’t generally permit the magazines to sit easily. Besides, on the off chance that we happen to have a beverage with us, there wasn’t anyplace helpful/near put it down. I needed to tackle this issue!

The plan I thought of tended to our necessities consummately without bargaining style. For this specific household item I went with strong pecan that I processed down from 8/4 stock and it consolidates a smidgen of the sapwood too. This plan additionally has a zone to store a couple of magazines (or a sketchbook) and I joined a metal rail along the front edge to shield us from jumbling up the piece with a lot of writing. Since this side table would be put close to the Petrie Chair, which has somewhat of a mid-century present day style, I needed the Zelo Side Table to give a gesture to mid-century current furniture also. This side table shows off elegant roundover and chamfer detail all through the piece and is done with a substantial matte oil. I picked this completion since I like to feel the wood when I contact it, rather than a lustrous smooth glossy silk/clear coat. This side table is exceptionally ideal to contact!

It’s incredibly fulfilling to see a piece go from idea to creation. Something I love most about building, making and making things is seeing the venture begin as a hunk of whatever, and toward the end I can remain back and respect my work. Since this one here will be in my own home, I get the opportunity to make the most of it’s style and usefulness consistently. I trust you’ll appreciate the accompanying photographs of my Zelo Side Table!