How to prepare a house for the guest and prepare the company

How to Prepare Your Home for Guests

Quick checklist for house preparation for guests

Declutter (process in progress and travel)
Clean and refreshing (deep cleaning process)
Add a comfortable touch to your bedroom
Add amenities to your bathroom
Stock refrigerator

Quick checklist

How many days are you anxious about the idea of a guest staying at home? Perhaps they will judge your lyrics. If you organize and clean things at home every day and do a good job, you’re ready to do anything.

If you study the subject, you will find that there are many ways to prepare guests. The range of differences is wide. From simple company preparations to Martha Stewart 5 star hotel standards. Do not put high expectations on creating a fantastic experience. Instead, enjoy the process of creating a comfortable retreat.

Stock your refrigerator with food for your guests.

The spirit of hospitality is not about perfection

Your main goal is to keep the house good enough for your last minute guests. It’s not perfect. We are working to create a peaceful haven where guests can stay and visit for a few days. A friendly attitude is more important than a friendly magazine style home. But there is a bonus to keeping the house tidy and tidy. Enjoy it now! Make your process a fun game and create your own bed and breakfast style resort to share with your loved ones

Clean up your house before your guests arrive before the holiday


Make a habit of daily cleanup. There is nothing more beautiful to do than tidying up your home. Remove everything except the essentials from your home decor. The principle of “less is better” is also effective when decorating. Set a timer for a few minutes and take care of the section you want.

Decaturing is the first step towards preparation. The more time you prepare in advance, the better. Here are some tips to help you organize the space to collect:

Take out furniture you will not use and empty the living room, living room and common room where people gather.
Old newspapers, magazines, mailings and many other items must be sorted and recycled or discarded.
If necessary, you can get a storage box or extra shelves.
Quick tips for preparing the house for the guests
Real Simple provides tips for preparing your home for the following home guests:

Prepare a suitcase stand (table is also available)
Make room for clothes in the closet
If you use an air mattress, test the air mattress.
Make extra keys so they can come and go as you want
Install extra toiletries
Eat basic breakfast commodities and snacks
Set books and magazines in the room
Stay for a few minutes and find out what activities your guests want to do.

If You Want to Go Overboard You Can Follow Martha Stewart’s Tips

“With the addition of a few niceties, your spare bedroom will be as inviting to visitors as a fine hotel room. Set out essentials such as towels and an alarm clock, then provide little luxuries as well: bottles of water, foil-wrapped chocolates, and a few cut blooms in a vase.” (

Some ways the website offers ways to pamper your guest include:

  • Place chilled bottled water in a container
  • Set out store bought chocolate
  • Wrap guest towels in a ribbon
  • Set up a relaxing chair with throw, magazines, books and a portable music player (including music)
  • Having extra closet and drawer space to accommodate their belongings
  • Desk and writing paper
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Be sensitive to your guests dietary needs, and encourage them to help themselves to the pantry

A Quick Way to Freshen Up the Scent of Your Home

There is no need to spray a chemical laden air freshens in your home. You’ll achieve a fresher scent by doing the following:

  • Remove trash
  • Open several windows
  • Burn 100% essential oils in an oil burner.

Additional steps to remove house odors:

  • Scrub the bathrooms
  • Mop
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum

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