Tips for creating an unforgettable gallery wall

Gallery walls are everywhere. You can see it in DIY shows, home magazines, blogs and retail websites. It’s a great way to showcase exotic trips, curated works, family photos or plant exhibitions. Before you decide on the layout of your gallery walls or ruin your first nails, check out this super tip to unforgettable museum top quality displays.

Choose the perfect wall color

How do you think museums and galleries create a sense of drama? Believe it or not, wall color is an essential element of a successful gallery wall. Choose colors to enhance your photos and artwork. One way to do this is to isolate a single color that passes through the collection and use it as a background. Or paint the walls with colors that complement each work of art. Try not to put the gallery on stage.

Create focus.

The gallery is rarely a random array. To get the correct configuration requires some planning. Plot the layout on the floor before hanging the first picture. Select photo, print, or picture as the center of the display. Position it at eye level. Place another image around it and subtract it from the center point.

Edit vintage family album.

At the moment, family photos are great, but as time passes, including photos of relatives, the gallery walls will be much more fun. Ask your family to contribute old photos to your collection. If your image needs to be torn, folded and enlarged, upload it to the photo center to digitally remove and resize the defect. If you have a scanner, photo editing software, and printer, you can do it yourself.

Crop your photos with precision.

With careful cutting, important topics appear at the forefront and remove unnecessary content. Before making a commitment experiment by creating the exact image you want to highlight using 4 sheets of black composition paper.

Protect the wall and the frame.

If you are a tenant, we recommend using a removable picture hanger so that you do not have to fill dozens of wall holes before moving. If you’re still crazy about making nail holes in clean dry walls, use straight pins or specially designed curved hangers that insert into dry walls and leave fine holes. Apply felt discs to the back of the photo to prevent framing and scratches on the walls.

Gallery quick tips

How to make the perfect art arrangement

  1. Select a style. Determine the aesthetics and adapt the gallery walls to the decor and personality. No matter whether your home is traditional, eclectic or modern, you should follow the type of frames that match your style, color palette and room.
  2. Plan your layout. Do not hold the hammer and nail straight. It is better to plan the gallery arrangement before drilling holes in the walls. Place your work on the floor, choose your favorite work as the center of attention, then work on other works around you.
  3. Mock up the gallery. Take the layout from the floor and recreate it on the wall. Trace and cut the frame on craft paper and tape it to the wall. Step back and make some adjustments.
  4. Hang up. The final step in completing the gallery wall is: Create a pencil mark for each nail location on each paper model. Hammer one nail at a time, remove the paper and hang the picture in place.

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